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Cast of Characters

The Purple Saurus ​Team!

(Regularly Updated)


Owner & Crafter Extraordinaire

Hello everyone! I was born in Bristol in 1990, and I've been making cuddly toys since February 2015. I've always had a huge love of soft toys, which is what inspired me in the first place, so I absolutely love what I do! Aside from this, I'm a pretty handy baker, and enjoy watching football, going to gigs, researching my family history and playing videogames. Oh, and I also adore Rottweilers, animals in general, and The Lion King :)



Every decision on the business has to be approved by this guy! The brand is named after him, the logo is a caricature of him, and if it weren't for him "The Purple Saurus" would not exist.

He is a "Splodgeosaurus", 22" tall and has a particular liking for sitting in or on cardboard boxes! He also likes to guard things, so he's quite handy to have around when there are important patterns or fabric to be taken care of! He isn't able to run the website or social media accounts as he's not really equipped for typing, which can make him grumble occasionally. Saurus is quite a cheerful chap though, and is more than happy to supervise from his box whilst being used as a sofa by some of the others :)


Made in February 2015, Teddy is the first soft toy I ever made from a proper pattern, so he is extremely special. He's made from an old cream jumper of mine and a brown fleece that I pillaged from a charity shop. He is a little under-stuffed, I got his front legs mixed up, and he's far from perfectly stitched, but we wouldn't have him any other way! Being the most mobile of the bunch, he tends to get up to mischief on behalf of the others - we're fairly convinced he's behind all the mysterious crumbs...

Teddy is especially fond of sitting on either my or James' head to get a good look at what's going on! He also loves to watch rugby :)


Snugglebat is a Fat Bat, specifically a "Haribat" - they have a particular liking for Haribo! I was already sewing him up anyway, but I made an extra special effort to get him finished to take to James after he'd had a stressful work day. Snugglebat is quite a quiet little thing, and is perfectly happy sitting on the shelf keeping watch with his cousin, Vlad Bat :) Oh, and snuffling in my bags of Haribo Starmix when I get them!


Rusty is a lovely little red fox. Stitched in January 2017, he has become excellent at welcoming new plushies into the fold. He also looks after Norbert the Narwhal.


Leo is a very handsome little lion. I have lots of lion plushies purchased over the years, so he even has a pride to mingle with!


Tubby is an adorable little Fat Dino - my other half is convinced he looks like a whale, but Tubby doesn't mind. Unusually for a dinosaur he likes to keep fairly cool, so he can usually be found over by the window basking in the breeze during the warmer weather.


Norbert the Narwhal is one of my tiniest plushies. He's quite shy and likes to stick close to Rusty - he can occasionally be found nestled between Rusty's front paws!


Griff is a gorgeous little Griffin (or Gryphon, for traditionalists!) and is super cute and squishy ^__^ As with most of the handmade members of the team, he is a prototype. He lives on the top shelf in our James' bedroom, where he can keep an eye on things and judge us when he thinks we're being too silly! He also loves tinsel - he's refused to let go of the piece I put up there a couple of Christmases ago.


Pickford is an adorable little Floppy Puppy, made entirely by hand during the 2018 World Cup and named (of course) after the England keeper, Jordan Pickford! He's a friendly little guy who loves cuddles (he's particularly good friends with Cuthbert the Gorilla and Herbie the Giraffe, and can usually be found cuddled up with them), and - naturally - loves his football!

Herbie & Cuthbert

Herbie (short for Herbert, he's not a fan of his full name!) the Giraffe and Cuthbert the Gorilla are two of the "Attic Cuddlies", who we rescued from the attic when we moved into our house! They're virtually inseparable and love snuggling up together and keeping cosy. Both of them are still a little unsure after being abandoned in the attic, but they're getting there with the help of the others, especially outgoing little Pickford :)


Kiwi the T-Rex is a cuddly and slightly wobbly little guy :) He absolutely loves his ice cream, his favourite being Crunchie ice cream, which he is always eager to help me finish, just in case any goes to waste! He's a happy little fella, and is always willing to lend a claw if anyone needs help :)

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